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Alpha Subsea’s main focus is
PROVIDING SOLUTIONS…COMMITTED TO SERVICE. The services highlighted below are just a few of the reasons WHY Alpha Subsea has the competitive advantage!

Custom Manufacturing

From fabrication of marine instrumentation to precision welding or machining… we can do it all right here.

Your job as an engineer is to design marine equipment to specific standards, ensure its safety and see that it works correctly in the project setting. You create the drawings, make the calculations and manage the project, ensuring it comes in on time and under budget.

Your job, however, is not to build the equipment. For that, you need a fabrication and machine shop—preferably one that has a proven track record of success, expertise to get the job done right the first time, a strong reputation within the industry and the integrity to stand behind its promises.

You want to trust that once you turn over the blueprints, the finished product will fit the specifications with the same precision you took in meticulously crafting the design.

And rather than deal with multiple vendors, you want a shop that can take your design from start to finish—a supplier with whom you can forge an ongoing relationship and work with project after project, time and time again.

You also want a company who understands your goals and is 100 percent committed to your success, who can help you innovate and solve problems and who will gladly work within your budget and time frame.


Our technicians’ expertise runs the gamut from fabrication, to machining, to hydraulics and electronics. Our team of in-house mechanical engineers and designers can develop a design from the ground up, help with existing drawings that require extra attention and troubleshoot problems as they arise.


We’ve been doing custom fabrication and machining for the marine industry since 2009, combining decades of knowledge and experience.


Because we have everything you need under one roof, we can bring your project to completion in less time and for less money. No longer do you have to negotiate deals with multiple vendors; we can do it all, right here.

From concept to completed work, our staff is committed to listening to your needs, determine the most successful and cost-efficient options and produce a product that surpasses your expectations

Equipment Rental

Alpha Subsea also has a full service rental division call Aqua-Tech Solutions. Aqua-Tech and Alpha work hand-n-hand to provide our clients with best service possible worldwide. Click here and learn more about way we can help you!

Repair, Maintenance, Refurbishment

Repairs, maintenance, and refurbishments are costs all companies must absorb to ensure quality products. At Alpha Subsea, our goal is to provide the best-manufactured products and to also support you in maintaining those products. We have a full-service repair center and certified parts for our own use or to ship to our clients anywhere in the world.

Offshore Technicians

Let us provide you with our quality technicians who can perform the work and troubleshoot any issues without the need for lengthy down time. Our technicians are capable of performing repairs and routine maintenance on our equipment to keep your job on time.

Equipment Training

Alpha Subsea offers training on-site or at our facility.  Below are the topics covered during one of our training seminars:

  • Safe operating
  • Connecting HPU, Diamond Wire Saw & controls
  • Adjusting Diamond Wire
  • Gauge monitoring
  • Proper adjustments of the auto-feed

OUR SUCCESS is measured by the success of our clients

Call 337.837.3999 to schedule training

Visit our website Aqua-Tech Solutions, for rentals.

Industry-leading marine equipment manufacturer and custom solutions company to fit your every need. Available 24/7.

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